A Note From the Chairman

In 1985, the Department of Internal Medicine of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital sought to expand its operations and implement sub-disciplines. In view of the high prevalence of hepatitis in Taiwan at the time, I decided to take responsibility for establishing Taiwan's first independent division of hepatobiliary and pancreatic medicine. With firm belief we strongly encouraged an open mind and vision, striving in research, and providing selfless service.

I have long taken liver disease prevention and treatment and serving rural and remote areas as my own mission. In 1999, the Taiwan Liver Research Foundation was officially established. Curing liver disease was once an impossible dream. However, this dream has come closer to reality through everyone's joint efforts. Through screening and health education, from fundamental prevention to regular follow-ups, the spread of liver disease has come under control in Taiwan.

Since the establishment of the Taiwan Liver Research Foundation, we have never stopped providing subsidies for residents of remote and rural areas to pay transportation costs to travel to urban areas and help reduce their medical burden. By increasing the public's willingness to seek treatment and allowing every individual to receive equal treatment, everyone receives equal medical assurance and care.

I am truly grateful for the love and support so many have shown for the Taiwan Liver Research Foundation over these fifteen years. You have allowed us to bloom and spread our branches. In the future, we look forward to continuing encouragement and advice from all walks of life. We would also like to urge our colleagues in the field to work together and exhibit integrity and love to allow the Taiwan Liver Research Foundation to carry forward, flourish, and establish a sustainable heritage.

Thank you,