About the Foundation

Liver disease is a very common disease in Taiwan. According to the report by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan of Taiwan, approximately 5,000 people die from hepatocellular carcinoma and more than 4,000 die from cirrhosis-related complications each year. Among the top ten causes of death, chronic liver disease related complications, including decompensate liver cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma, are all ranked at the top 5. Therefore, liver disease is regarded as one of the major threats of health in Taiwan.

The most effective way to manage liver disease is no other than early diagnosis, active access to medical care, regular follow-ups, and appropriate therapy. This is the most optimal strategy facing the threats of liver disease. Every medical personnel has the responsibility and mission in terms of studying, raising awareness, and preventing liver disease. The Taiwan Liver Research Foundation (TLRF) is launching free liver disease surveillance all over in the country in order to raise the disease awareness of the public and further obtain medical access in time. In addition, the Foundation actively visits regions poor in medical resources to conduct blood screenings for the residency. In areas with high hepatitis prevalence, the Foundation further provides abdominal ultrasonography, health educational lectures, and medical treatment .

In view of the high prevalence of viral hepatitis in Southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital formally established the Hepatobiliary Division, Department of Internal Medicine in 1985, with Professor Wen-Yu Chang serving as the Director. Professor Chang has been consistently and proactively engaging in research on liver disease and expanding its prevention and treatment which pioneered the field of Digestive Medicine in Taiwan.

In 1999, Professor Chang called on community leaders to establish Taiwan Liver Research Foundation. Over the years, the Foundation has consistently committed to serve the community and advocat the importance of prevention over treatment. Concurrently, the Foundation has assisted teams from the Hepatobiliary Division of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital in carrying out more in-depth liver disease research.

民國90年-肝病防治篩檢活動 民國105年-肝病防治篩檢活動.

The Foundation aims to encourage and promote liver disease education, prevention, and research:

Teaching patients and the public about liver disease and raising awareness of its prevention and treatment.
Providing liver disease screening services and taking the initiative to care for local communities and vulnerable groups.
Encouraging and fostering domestic researchers to engage in the prevention, treatment, and study of liver-related diseases.
Providing primary health care institutions and related academic units with a platform to exchange liver disease knowledge and to enhance the overall standard of medical care.